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Equipment Loans

Having the right equipment is critical to keeping your business at its best. That's why Connection Bank customizes your financing with flexible terms to fit your needs and cash flow.

Inventory Loans

In order to provide the best service to your client, it's important to have the proper inventory on hand.
With an inventory loan from Connection Bank, we can help make sure you meet the demands
of your customers.

Operating Capital Lines

Unfortunately, business opportunity and cash flow don't always align. With an operating line of credit
from Connection Bank, you can create a financial cushion, giving you peace of mind that you
can invest in the next opportunity that crosses your path, or bridge the gap when funds are tight.

Owner-Occupied Real Estate

There can be real advantages to owning the real estate your company operates from. If this is one of your
goals, Connection Bank can help you turn your rent payment into an investment in the future of
your company.

Letters of Credit

Get the deal done! As your business partner, we won't stand in the way between you and your goals. We'll
provide you with a letter of credit that may be difference between closing or losing the deal.

Homebuilder Loans

We love to provide construction financing to builders who invest in our communities, making them better
places to work, live and play!