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Commercial Real Estate

Construction Loans

Design your new space so you can work most efficiently and leave room to grow in the future. The
commercial loan team at Connection Bank will help you through the entire process and allow
you to turn your dream into a reality. 

Term Loans - Purchase or Refinance

With years of experience in commercial real estate financing, Connection Bank can help you get
financing you need. Whether its retail, office, medical, industrial or another type of business, we can
help you make your purchase or refinance with flexible terms to meet your needs. 

Owner Occupied Real Estate

There can be real advantages to owning the real estate your company operates from. If this is one of
your goals, Connection Bank can help you turn your rent payment into an investment in the
future of your company.

Medical Office

Let Connection Bank take care of the financial details of purchasing your medical office, so
you can take care of what's most important...the health of your patients!

Acquisition and Development Loans

Our commercial lenders have the knowledge and experience to help you build your next commercial
or residential project. We'll take the time to understand the complexities you're facing and provide the
best options for you to optimize your cash flow and manage your project. Let Connection Bank be a part of your team!