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Trust Services

A lifetime of hard work and savings often results in the creation of significant wealth. If you have questions
about how to manage, invest, preserve or transfer this wealth, our Trust Services Department can assist.

After becoming thoroughly familiar with your financial objectives, our Trust professionals will guide you
through the best options to meet your needs, which may include:

Estate Planning

Protect and plan for your family and others close to you.

Living Trusts

Specify precisely how your assets are to be managed throughout your lifetime. A living trust is a great tool
to give you the peace of mind that your financial objectives will be met.

Testamentary Trusts

After your passing, this trust accomplishes long term fulfillment of your wishes.


In situations involving a minor, a conservator is responsible for the financial management of the estate until
the child reaches legal age. Conservators may also be assigned in the case of an adult who is physically or
mentally unable to manage financial affairs.

Charitable Trusts

In addition to donating to your favorite charity, this type of trust may also reduce your income tax and lower
your estate tax.

Executor Services

Upon your death, your executor assembles and values estate assets, pays necessary taxes, distributes estate
assets to beneficiaries, and supplies a full accounting for his or her actions in connection with carrying out
the terms of your will.