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(the following is an excerpt from the Auto-Owners (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window) website)

Auto-Owners Insurance was founded in 1916 and is the 15th largest insurer in the country. We consistently
receive the highest rankings in growth, financial stability and claims service.

Why Choose Auto-Owners:

1. Competitive Prices
2. Experience
  • Over 5.1 million personal, commercial and life policies issued and renewed
  • Stability in the marketplace
  • Outstanding growth

3. Reputation for Excellence

  •  A reputation of being The "No Problem" people
  • Providing Super Outstanding Service to our policyholders, agent and claimants
  • Safe. Sound. Secure." investment strategy


(the following is an excerpt from the (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window)Pekin (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window)website)

For more than 90 years, we have sold more than insurance. We sell protection and help build futures.
We provide financial protection and peace of mind for our policyholders, shareholders, and employees.
Auto insurance was, of course, our first line of coverage. To further enhance the protection, in 1932, "24-
hour claim service" was established.

Originally protecting insureds in Tazewell County in Illinois, we have now grown to offer our competitive
insurance protection to insureds in six states: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The Pekin Insurance logo has undergone numerous changes throughout the last 90 years, In 2010, the
company underwent a significant re-branding, "Beyond the Expected," became our new slogan which
demonstrates our ability to deliver on our promises. Our new, modern-looking logo and our new slogan
both mirror the "above and beyond" service we and our independent agency force provide.


West Bend

(the following is an excerpt from the (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window)West Bend (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window)website)

For more than 115 years, West Bend has been providing valuable insurance coverages and services to
home and auto owners, as well as business owners throughout the Midwest.

West Bend is a relationship-based company with core values that emphasize excellence, integrity, and
responsibility. Our vision is to be the company of choice for associates, agents and policyholders.

West Bend's associates number more than 1,000 and are committed to providing exceptional service to
our policy holders and independent agent partners. Their dedication and commitment is the foundation
of our "Silver Linings" brand, "The Worst Brings Out Our Best."


(the following is an excerpt from the Progressive (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window) website)

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead
of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. We began in 1937 with the
first drive-in claims office, become the first to introduce reduced rates for low-risk drivers, and then
changed the insurance shopping experience by offering comparison rates on the Web. Progressive
continues to find better ways to serve you with our new and personalized "Snapshot" program and our
"Name Your Price" car insurance option.


(the following is an excerpt from the Wellmark (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window) website)

A promise made. A promise kept.

At Wellmark, we believe the promises we make to our members are no different than the promises you make in your life. We strive to be the health insurance company that remembers there's a face behind every claim. We take care of problems quickly when they arise, and always put the concerns of our members first.

We work hard to get it right. Because like you, we know promises matter.

Connection Insurance also represents:
Des Moines County Mutual
Grinnell Mutual
Met Life
United Fire & Casualty Company

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