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FMBT/KSB Merger Information

Customer Letter sent January 2016

Important Dates

Thursday, September 1

  • Connection Bank Mobile App goes live.
  • FMBT Customers may begin downloading the new app from the App Store and Google Play. Search for "Connection Bank"

Tuesday, September 6

  • Connecton Bank Debit cards will be mailed.
  • Activation instructions will arrive with your card.
  • You many begin using your Connection Bank debit card on Monday, September 19th.

Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18

  • KSB Bank branches will be closed. FMBT branches will be open normal business hours.
  • Continue using your existing FMBT/KSB debit and ATM cards for purchases and for use at ATMs
  • Beginning 6pm Friday, September 16, KSB Online customers wil be able to access online banking in "view only" mode - transfers and Bill Pay will be unavailable. 

Monday, September 19

  • All Connection Bank and Insurance locations will resume normal business hours.
  • Your account information will remain the same.
  • Your insurance policy information remains the same
  • Former KSB customers can re-enroll in online banking at 
  • KSB customers may also enroll in mobile banking (must enroll in online banking first) by downloading the Connection Bank app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • KSB Bill Pay accounts will be "re-attached" to your online banking account within 24 hours of enrolling.
  • Begin using your Connection Bank debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will the merger impact me as a customer?

We are working toward a seamless transition. Until full conversion of all systems, you will see minimal changes to your day-to-day banking. Beginning September 19 when applying for a new loan, debit card, or merchang services, you will be presented with Connection Bank's products. 

How are KSB Bank and Fort Madison Bank & Trust alike?

This was an excellent opportunity to combine two well-respected community banks that share a deep commitment to our customers and local communities. Both banks shared similar cultures and joining togegher will allow us to provide more resources and proven stability while preserving the spirit of community banking.

After the merger, will everything be centralized at Connection Bank’s headquarters in Fort Madison?

Some operations have been centralized, while some have been moved to Keokuk. This merger is truly a collaborative effort between the two organizations. Former KSB Bank locations will maintain local decision making and continue a strong community presence in Keokuk, Montrose, Fort Madison, and Burlington.

Will Connection Bank Continue to be active in the community?

Yes! One of the foundations Connection Bank is built upon is our connection with our local communities.  Our employees are active, engaged and focused on making our surrounding area a better place to live.  We will continue to volunteer at local schools, support local organizations, be active in our Chambers of Commerce and participate in community events, in all our communities and the greater tri-state region.

Where can I learn more about Connection Bank’s products and services?

You can learn more throughout this website. You can also call Connection Bank toll free 800-832-0997 or contact one of our branch locations.

How can I contact the bank if I have any questions?

You may contact any of our branches listed on page 8 or send an email to (live September 1).


Will my account number change?

No. Thankfully there were only a handful of customers with duplicate account numbers and those customers have already been assisted.

Will the merger affect the branch hours of the branch I currently use?

All branch hours will remain the same.

Will ATM locations change?

No. KSB Bank and Fort Madison Bank & Trust ATMs will all stay the same, giving you access to more surcharge free ATMs. 


Will my bank statement look different than what I have now?

Yes. After we complete the merger on September 19, you will begin to receive Connection Bank formatted statements.

When will I receive my final KSB/FMBT statement?

KSB Customers – a final statement will be created on Friday, September 16th and sent to you.

FMBT Customers will remain on their existing statement cycle. 

When will I receive my first Connection Bank statement?

KSB customers - your statement date will vary based on your new Connection Bank account (click here for new account information) but will occur prior to October 19. 

FMBT Customers will remain on their existing statement cycle.  

How can I obtain copies of KSB deposit statements after September 19?

If you know now that you will want past KSB statements, you can either visit a KSB branch location to request them or print eStatements from your online banking account. After the merger, you can visit any former KSB branch location and they will be able to provide previous statements for you.

What if I have deposits at both banks? How will that work?

If you have deposits at KSB Bank and Fort Madison Bank & Trust you will still have two accounts. As a result of the merger, your account(s) will automatically become accounts at Connection Bank. As you may be aware, FDIC insurance generally covers a depositor’s account at each bank up to $250,000.

If the combined balance of your deposits is less than $250,000, you have nothing to worry about.  Your money will be fully insured.  Even if your combined total exceeds $250,000, you can still breathe easy.  The FDIC has a special rule that says when two banks merge, a customer’s deposits will be considered to be separately insured for six months.

If you have a CD, the FDIC allows the separate deposit insurance coverage to continue until the CD matures so you can avoid penalties for early withdrawal.

Will I still be able to use my KSB/FMBT checks or will I receive new ones?

You may continue to use your existing KSB/FMBT checks for six months, until March 19, 2017. Upon request, we’ll be happy to order a complimentary starter pack of Connection Bank checks for you. 

Will my account fees change?

Fees for deposit accounts may change, however many of them will be less. Our current fee schedule is available here.


Will I be issued a new debit card?

Yes, new debit cards will be issued to all customers. They will be sent in the mail beginning September 6. You may activate your card at your convenience; instructions are included with the card. You will begin using your Connection Bank MasterCard debit card on Monday, September 19. Use your existing KSB/FMBT debit card through Sunday, September 18.

What if I have automatic payments set up using my KSB/FMBT debit card?

You’ll need to switch your automatic payments to your new Connection Bank debit card number. Simply call your vendor or access their website and change the payment information to your Connection Bank card.

What if I have a photo debit card or ATM card?

Photo Debit – this option is unavailable at Connection Bank. Your new card will be the Connection Bank standard debit card.

ATM Card – ATM cards will be unavailable at Connection Bank.  You will be issued a debit card that still works at any ATM just like your existing ATM card, with the added benefit of being able to use it for purchases.  If you have only a savings account attached to your ATM card, your debit card will also have the savings account attached, without the option for purchases.

What about Privileged Status?

As part of the merger, card service providers changed. Privileged Status was offered by our previous vendor, and is no longer available. You still have many options of withdrawing money surcharge free. Connection Bank now offers 15 ATMs in Keokuk, Fort Madison and Burlington that are surcharge free.  Additionally, you can receive cash at the register of many vendors nationwide when using your debit card. After paying for your purchase, simply choose “cash back” during the checkout process. You may then choose the amount of money you’d like to receive at no additional cost to you. 

Will my online banking access change?

KSB customers will need to re-enroll for online banking here beginning Monday, September 19. Locate the login box in the upper right hand corner, click on the words, “Sign Up,” and follow the instructions. Use your existing KSB online account through Sunday, September 18. Make note that beginning at 6pm Friday, September 16, KSB online will be in “view only” mode; transfers and bill pay will not be functional.

FMBT customers will continue with your existing online banking access. However, beginning Monday, September 19, you will need to access your account at

Will there be changes to my online Bill Pay?

KSB customers – once you re-enroll in online banking, your Bill Pay account will be “reunited” to your online account within 24 hours. All Bill Pay information will move to Connection Bank with you; your payee information, automatic payments and history.

FMBT customers will have no change to Bill Pay.

Will there be changes to mobile banking?

KSB customers can sign up for mobile banking as soon as you have enrolled in Online Banking, beginning September 19. Mobile banking at Connection Bank includes mobile deposit which allows you to deposit checks using the camera on your smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play by searching “Connection Bank.” Mobile banking is also available for mobile browser or text banking.

FMBT customers will need to delete the “Touchbanking” app and download the new Connection Bank app.  You may begin downloading the new app on Thursday, September 1.  Search for “Connection Bank” in the App Store or Google Play.

What about online banking for my business account?

KSB Customers using Cash Management – you will be contacted by a personal banker to assist in migrating your cash management account to Connection Bank.

FMBT Customers – Beginning September 19, you will need to access your online banking account here.

Will Telephone Banking be available?

Telephone banking was previously available at KSB Bank, but is not available at Connection Bank. Telephone banking customers can receive their account information by calling Customer Service 800-832-0997 or 319-524-1064 or by utilizing online or mobile banking.

Will my direct deposit be affected?

Your direct deposit will not be affected. 

What about automatic deduction of payments from my account?

All previously authorized automatic payments will continue uninterrupted. Going forward, you’ll use Connection Bank’s routing number to set up automatic payments – 073901314.

I have automatic funds transfer between my deposit accounts. What action must I take?

KSB customers - No action is necessary; your automatic transfer between deposit accounts will continue as normal. If you have a scheduled or reoccurring transfer set up through online banking, you will need to reschedule it once you’ve re-enrolled in online banking.

FMBT customers are unaffected.


Will the merger affect my existing loan with KSB or FMBT?

No changes will be made to the existing payments, loan rates or maturity.

Will my loan account number change?

No. Your loan account number will remain the same.

Will my loan statement change?

Yes. After we complete the merger on September 19, you will begin to receive Connection Bank formatted statements.

Will I be able to continue to use my loan coupons when I submit my loan payment?

Yes. Your existing KSB or FMBT loan coupons will work when submitting your loan payment.

Where do I mail my loan payments made on or after September 19?

You may mail your payment to either of the addresses below:

Connection Bank Loan Department
501 Main Street
Keokuk, IA 52632

Connection Bank Loan Department
636 Avenue G
Fort Madison, IA 52527 

Can I view my loan and make a loan payment online?

Yes, this is definitely an option. KSB customers will first need to enroll in Connection Bank Online Banking beginning September 19.


What about my safe deposit box? 

Safe deposit boxes will continue to be available during branch business hours. Connection Bank has simplified the pricing for safety deposit boxes. You will find the annual cost for boxes here.

What is Connection Bank’s policy on privacy?

Connection Bank maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure your non-public information remains secure. If you decide to close your account(s), we will adhere to the privacy policies and practices described in our privacy policy, found here.