Card Valet

Your Card, Your Control!

If you've ever returned home from from a restaurant or shopping trip and realized your debit card is missing, you know the panic that follows.  Now with CardValet, you no longer need to worry.

Through this FREE app on your smartphone, CardValet allows you to temporarily "turn off" your debit card until it has been located.  When your card is turned off, no purchases or ATM withdrawals can be made, although automatic payments remain active.  If you find your card, you simply turn it back on!

CardValet is also a great fraud protection tool.  Set up real-time alerts to notify you when your card is used, has been attempted to be used or has been declined.  If someone other than yourself attempts to use your card, you'll know right away!

CardValet allows you to:

  • Turn your debit card ‘on’ and ‘off’
  • Establish controls for dollar amounts, geographic locations and merchant categories
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions
Benefits of Card Valet
Fraud Protection
  • When you turn your cards "off," no withdrawals or purchases will be approved
  • Real-time alerts keep you informed when your cards are used
  • Transaction controls allow your cards to work only in specific locations or geographic areas.
Control Spending
  • Set spending limits on your Connection Bank card.  Want to spend $100 at the grocery store? Limit your spending the shoe store? Card Valet empowers you to control and accomplish your budget goals.

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